Career support from GP proceduralists.

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Rural Health West receives funding from the WA Country Health Service (WACHS) through the Better Medical Care for Rural WA Initiative to administer four GP Mentoring Programs under the Medical Practitioner Procedural Mentoring and Training Program.

The program's objectives are to assist in providing a safe and suitably skilled GP proceduralist service, identifying locations where the GP proceduralist workforce is vulnerable and increasing the supply of suitably skilled GP proceduralists in rural and remote areas in Western Australia. 

Procedural mentoring programs help GPs to gain confidence in their skills by linking them with an experienced practitioner.  Mentoring may take the form of shadowing an experienced doctor, discussing patient lists and debriefing after delivering medical procedures.

Placements are available for the following mentoring programs:

  • The GP Anaesthetics Mentoring Program
  • The GP Emergency Mentoring Program
  • The GP Obstetrics Mentoring Program
  • The GP Surgical Mentoring Program

For more information please contact the Procedural Programs Coordinator or telephone (08) 6389 4500.