Find out when a health service is visiting

Medical specialists and allied health professionals visit all regions of Western Australia to deliver health services to rural and remote communities throughout the year. Use this map to find out when a health service will be visiting your area.

Outreach services for 2019 - 2020 have recently been contracted. This map will only display services that have had their visit dates confirmed.

Step-by-step instructions on how to use this interactive map can be found below the map. 
The map will automatically update once a filter has been selected. The map may take a small amount of time to load once the filters have been entered. 

Please note: The Outreach Health Services Map is temporarily unavailable, we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.  If you require further information, please contact the Regional Services Team on (08) 6389 4500.

This information is intended for general purposes only. To access these visiting health services, you must attain a referral from a general practitioner and forward to the relevant referral contact shown in the service results.

How to use this interactive map

The map will automatically update once a filter has been selected. The map may take a small amount of time to load once the filters have been entered.

  1. To start searching for a service in your region, enter a relevant postcode OR select "My Location" to use your computer's GPS coordinates.
  2. Define the distance parameters, ie. within 10km. The map default distance parameter is 50km.
  3. You will notice the map has already zoomed in to your location and a dotted blue line will appear around your distance parameter.
  4. Select the required health professional.
  5. If necessary, you can define a time frame by using calendar filters.
  6. Pins will become red if they match your criteria or will remain blue if there are no matches to your criteria. If there are no matches to your criteria, try and change your criteria to find the service nearby or contact the Outreach team for information on a visiting health service.
  7. Click on the red pin to display the service results. The service, referral description, visit date and visit time will appear in the main section of the results box. The service provider name will appear as a tab along the top.
  8. Click the drop down arrow on the tab next to the provider name for more information on the service provider. If there is more than one service provider, multiple tabs will appear along the top of the results box. Click each tab to view the various service information.
  9. If the visiting service fits your criteria, and a referral has been attained, you may contact the relevant service provider.

If you require assistance when using the map, please don't hesitate to contact the Outreach team or phone (08) 6389 4500.

Map legend

marker-icon-blueService visit dates have been set at this location
marker-icon-redServices exist at this location and match the filter criteria
marker-icon-greenThe last selected location where services exist
M menu icon-outreach mapReveals/hides search menu
R Results icon-outreach mapReveals/hides results box

Health professional filter hints

When searching for a specific service or health professional:

  • Medical specialists are referred to as a 'Physician', for example, "Physician - Paediatrics".
  • Telehealth services are referred to as 'Telehealth', for example, "Telehealth - Psychiatry".

Dates are subject to change from the service provider.  Additional health service dates are added frequently. The map will update every 24 hours.

Health services displayed on the map are funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and administered by Rural Health West.