Travel support and engaging social programs for partners and children of rural health professionals.

For rural health professionals attending our conferences we invite and support their families to accompany them and participate in the Partner's and Children's Social Programs.

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Travel Support 

Rural Health West offers financial travel support to the partners of currently practising doctors who work and live in rural and remote Western Australia AND, who are delegates of specific Rural Health West conferences. Further information can be found under "Travel" on each respective conference page.

Partner and Children Social Programs

Separate Partner's and Children's Social Programs are provided at our two Perth based conferences - Annual Conference and Aboriginal Health Conference, as well as our Rural and Remote Retrieval Weekend in a regional location.

The social programs provide opportunities to experience activities and events that may not be accessible in a rural or remote location due to time constraints or available resources, whilst meeting other rural health families.

The social activities are heavily subsidised by Rural Health West and provide great value for money.

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cooking class

Partner Social Program

The Partner's Program is social, interactive and tailored to meet a diverse range of interests. Previous experiences have included tours, lifestyle workshops, cooking classes, sporting activities, education, transport to shopping centres, visits to tourist destinations and other current events at the time of conferences. 

The Partner's Program often includes a free and informal networking event to encourage partners to meet and mingle, building a supportive community. 

Children Social Program

The Children's Program provides an environment that is engaging, caring and friendly for 0-12* year olds. Activities are grouped to be age appropriate and full supervision is provided by adults who hold current Working with Children Cards. Whilst parents are welcome to participate with their child in the Children's Program, it is not compulsory.

Younger children including babies and toddlers are cared for and entertained, within the conference venue by agency caregivers.  Referred to as our "In House Care" this part of the Children's program allows parents to actively participate in the conference, the partners program or enjoy time to themselves whilst comfortable in the knowledge they can feed or visit their young child at any time. 

For children aged 4 and above there is endless fun, friendships to be made and stimulating activities to enjoy. Each program is unique with the thought given to ensure if offers children something exciting to participate in whilst their parents attend the conference.

In the past, children have attended robotic, art and Lego workshops, enjoyed nature play, the cinema, indoor playgrounds, cooking classes and rock climbing, as well as visited the Perth Zoo, AQWA, Scitech and the movies, just to name a few activities. No two programs are ever the same!

*Children older than 12 years of age are welcome to participate in the Children's Social Program should it be of interest to them. Parents are asked to contact the Family Support Coordinator to discuss further.

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For specific information about a Family Program for an upcoming conference, visit the conference event page or contact the Family Support Program Officer.